Process-Rebuilding Quinnipiac


On the heels of the destruction of Quinnipiac in St. John’s, I have decided to work on preserving, in images, those buildings which need our attention and care. I have been painting heritage homes for many years, including the Barbour House in 2006. Fortunately, people had the foresight to preserve that structure.

One of the values of art is the ability to aesthetically reconstruct threatened or lost artifacts, so that people may share in the grandeur of these treasures.

I was fortunate to have the front page of the local paper here.



This Autumn I developed a series of paintings called “Inside the Battery” I spent two days taking photos.
This is the view from the harbour.


It is a wonderful area that is very old. Much gentrification has happened over the years. There are many public walkways inside and some lead to the trail that goes all around Signal Hill and up to Cabot Tower. It was once a place teaming with people working at fish flakes for drying fish. Salted cod was our main export.

I painted 9 pieces in a two month period. My photos are very inspiring to me.  Most of the pieces can be seen here.

And a wonderful write up of the paintings can be found here.

So I am on number 10. I prepare a piece of masonite. It is 2′ by 3′. First it is gessoed. Then i decide what under colour I will use. I stick to the reds mostly. Then the image is drawn on. I block in the darks as you can see in this photo. I will keep painting in acrylic until I feel it is ready for the oils.