Process-Southport Stage #3

So I have been playing with a style from the romantic period of late 1800’s. This is different for me. I like how this turned out.




Process #1, Yes done at last

I thought I was done with this piece. Still the background was bothering me. Too vivid and bright. I didn’t feel the mood I like to portray in my work. I spoke to an artist friend and asked his opinion.

Darken the back, like you do with the others. I had considered this all too briefly a few days before. I took his advice and as soon as I started to work on it I knew it was right and my piece would tie up for me.

So. This is it and it’s at the gallery. Thanks Victoria for my title, “Carcass”

Process #1 Update#2

Well I am as close as it will get with this boat piece. I had to darken down the rocks to help the boat punch out.  I darkened down the bottom of the hills behind also to give it a bit of depth, as unreal as it is. It’s all about mood, lighting, subject. What is the first impression before the critic gets in the way.