Process #1, Yes done at last

I thought I was done with this piece. Still the background was bothering me. Too vivid and bright. I didn’t feel the mood I like to portray in my work. I spoke to an artist friend and asked his opinion.

Darken the back, like you do with the others. I had considered this all too briefly a few days before. I took his advice and as soon as I started to work on it I knew it was right and my piece would tie up for me.

So. This is it and it’s at the gallery. Thanks Victoria for my title, “Carcass”


Process #1 Update#2

Well I am as close as it will get with this boat piece. I had to darken down the rocks to help the boat punch out.  I darkened down the bottom of the hills behind also to give it a bit of depth, as unreal as it is. It’s all about mood, lighting, subject. What is the first impression before the critic gets in the way.

process #1 update

Often after spending hours on an area of a painting I will become dismayed. It just doesn’t work. Out with the turps and cloth and off with the work. Sometimes in doing so I am left with ghost images that speak to me. As in abstract painting. The rocks in this piece are being stubborn. I want to give them life but not so much as to take away from the boat. My work is known for it’s deep surreal shadows and highlights. I need the rocks to have the same sense of mystery as the boat does but not compete with the light. At this stage they are too dark for my liking. Some highlights are necessary. So…On with the background baroque or easy listening and out with the brushes.